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Counter Induction Loop System

Localised Field Induction Loop

A Counter Loop system ensures a fair hearing for all clients, customers and members of the public who wear a hearing aid. The system is designed to remain ‘ON’ continuously. This means that hearing aid wearers do not have to request assistance: once inside the magnetic field of the loop, they are automatically included as soon as they switch their device to the ‘T’ position.

Installed under a counter or desk, the system is unobtrusive. The only visible indication is the ‘T position’ sticker. This informs hearing aid wearers that a loop facility is available so they can participate fully in the conversation or transaction.

The system may be configured for one-to-one conversation or cross table discussion involving several participants. The positioning of the aerial controls the extent of the electro-magnetic field. At single position counters or reception desks, the signal can be extended or restricted according to specific requirements up to 20 square metres.

Each position has its own loop on multi position counters, so privacy is maintained between the counters. For small meeting rooms installation of the aerial, which follows the configuration of the desk or table, extends sound signals to hearing aid users seated anywhere around it.

Ideal for small meeting rooms, counter/reception desks and till positions.

Extended Warranty & Maintenance

We are so confident in the products we supply and the quality of our installation and preventative maintenance service that we are now offering a warranty that can last a lifetime. With fixed hearing loop installations (excluding vehicle loops) we provide an optional maintenance service that includes the extended Warranty of the equipment we install for the life of the maintenance contract, should the amplifier fail after a number of years (through no negligence by you or anyone acting on your instructions and excluding fair wear & tear expected during normal use) we will replace or repair it and continue to maintain the replacement equipment.

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Our experienced product advisors are available to help you choose the hearing equipment that's right for you, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 231 6077.

If necessary we can visit you and carry out a site survey, assess your requirements for large rooms or more complex needs such as a number of individual hearing loops in a small area where overspill may be an issue.

We will provide you with specialist equipment advice that only experts in the field can offer. So please contact us today for a free, no obligation, competitive quote.