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Portable Induction Loop

1.2 sq m Portable Induction Loop

Portable induction loop Diagram showing typical portable induction loop applications

Technical Specification


Portable Induction Loop


1.2 square Metres approximately


W 250mm x D 300mm x H 100mm (main unit); 1.7kg


2 x Mic (one built-in mic. and one 3.5mm remote mic. socket for AMT or AMD mics


Power on; input level; charging required; charging in progress, audio warning of imminent shutdown


On/off button; adjust auto-shut off timer

Kit Variants

PL1/K1: PL1 amplifier, plug top charger, ‘AFILS available’ sticker, cardboard carry case PL1/K2: PL1 amplifier, plug top charger, FoSmeter H magnetic field strength meter/loop listening device; headphones, ‘AFILS available’ sticker, cardboard carry case PL1/K3: As PL1/K1 but in a robust plastic storage/carry case PL1/K4: As PLK/K2 but in a robust plastic storage/carry case

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