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A massive range of hearing and induction loop kits to suit every kind of budget


There are many products available in the market today - many with confusing attributes.

We have worked tirelessly for the last 5 years, researching, supplying and installing in excess of 600 hearing loop systems. The products we supply have to meet our exacting standards. This is the only way we can uphold our guarantee for fixed loop systems:

This is a selection of the products we are proud to provide and back with our service and maintenance commitment:

Portable Induction Hearing Loop Kit System

So easy to use, this portable hearing loop is a great price, lightweight and small size. Highly recommended for the smaller business user.

T-Media Induction Hearing Loop

A brilliant new induction loop product that acts as a hearing loop device and advertising display screen. Great for checkouts, point of sale, hotel & school receptions and sales counters.

Counter Induction Loop Hearing Loop

This is a fixed induction hearing loop system that's been designed to be installed under a counter or desk. Ideal for high traffic areas such as receptions or information desks or meeting rooms.

In Vehicle Loop System 12/24v

Designed to help hearing aid users communicate more effectively in cars, taxis, buses and other motor vehicles. There are 12 and 24 volt versions and contain everything you need to talk to hearing aid users.

Wall Mountable Induction Loop Amplifier

Ideal for meeting rooms, lecture theatres, churches, schools, TV lounges and other small to medium sized applications, with room coverage of 120m².

200m² to 900m² Induction Loop Amplifiers

Ideal for use in large prestigious applications such as theatres, churches, cathedrals, cinemas, large conference halls, etc., where first class sound and unrivalled reliability are a must.

Door Entry Induction Loop Amplifiers

Surface or Flush mounted, this retrofit induction loop system is designed for use with door entry systems, with a nominal working distance of 0.5 metres.

Infrared Hearing Systems

Whilst induction loops are an ideal solution for most applications, magnetic field overspill can be a problem where confidentiality is an issue.

Free Technical & Sales Advice

Our experienced product advisors are available to help you choose the hearing equipment that's right for you, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 231 6077.

If necessary we can visit you and carry out a site survey, assess your requirements for large rooms or more complex needs such as a number of individual hearing loops in a small area where overspill may be an issue.

We will provide you with specialist equipment advice that only experts in the field can offer. So please contact us today for a free, no obligation, competitive quote.